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Coming in 2016: Big Honkin' Teeth by kaijukid
Coming in 2016: Big Honkin' Teeth
I've made a lot of cosplay in the kaiju department over the last 7 years, but this one has been on the bucket list for a long, looooong time.  This is likely destined to be the "retirement" piece, because holy crap is this going to take a lot of work.  Already has :P.  But I am really, really jazzed for this one.

More to come.
Kaijukid's Toychest:  The April O'Neil Collection by kaijukid
Kaijukid's Toychest: The April O'Neil Collection
I don't have very many of my TMNT toys from when I was a kid.  I went back and collected the Movie Star Turtles, a couple of Shredders, Venus De Milo and some of my favorites, but one of my favorite hobbies is collecting April O'Neil figures, because 1 there aren't very many of them anyway, and 2, they're hilarious, at least some of them are.  She got some great variants back in the day, so I set out to collect all the April figures I could that I actually liked (and no I will NOT be adding the Megan Fox blegh figure to this set, if I get any more after this it will probably only be the one from the 2007 CGI Turtles movie).
From Left to Right we have:
Shogun April
Mutatin' April (turns into a catwoman!)
Bride of Frankenstein April
Ravishing Reporter April (or Hooker April as I call her, look her up her outfit is ridiculous)
Original 1988 April (my favorite of the lot)
Later release April
1988 April with an updated, more cartoon accurate head (minus the derp eyes mine came with)
Movie 3 April
Nickelodeon April
Samurai April (or Cavewoman April depending on the reissue)
and 2003 series April.
Memories of G-Fest: The One That Started It All by kaijukid
Memories of G-Fest: The One That Started It All
Way back at G-Fest 17 (2010) Akira Takarada made his first appearance at the convention and, we're happy to say is retrospect, had a great time.  He was very pleased and grateful for the reception he got from fans who still remembered him, loved Toho films, and continued to gather together to enjoy the legacy of 60 years of Godzilla and Japanese cinema.
The Pickwick theater that plays the convention theatrical showings had a special showing of the original subtitled GOJIRA, and Takarada came to watch the movie with all of us.  If you haven't been there you don't know how awesome it is to watch a 60 year old movie with the STAR of the film sitting right there with you.  It was glorious.  We all stood and applauded him at the end of the film.  He went back to Japan and shared with other Toho actors and staff how good of a time he had, and encouraged others to come and visit us.  It worked out really well for getting us even more awesome guests in the future.
Curb Stomp vs. Flamethrower by kaijukid
Curb Stomp vs. Flamethrower
Just because, honestly.  One of those "spur of the moment" pics, my brain going "wouldn't it be great to get some practice on a pic of one of your favorite Godzilla designs fighting the New Guy?  Let's DO IT!"  There's few things nicer on my days off than taking care of a few chores and doing a fully colored Godzilla pic.

ALSO:  Commissions OPEN!…
Kaijukid's Toychest:  Signed Solty Rei by kaijukid
Kaijukid's Toychest: Signed Solty Rei
One of my favorite figures from one of my favorite anime, Solty Revant from Solty Rei.  The show is a little dodgy on the animation sometimes (most anime have more than one company producing the animation because of scheduling), but the story is quite good and the characters appealed to me more than the average.
Had the chance to go to an anime convention where Solty's voice actress in English, Carrie Savage, was doing a signing, so I took my figure and a dvd and she signed both.  And yes, it was her idea to sign Solty's buttcheek.  I could not have been more amused and delighted.
Title says it all, I'm selling a Matt Frank signed copy of Godzilla Legends #1 from G-Fest 2012 on my ebay.  If you want it, please do me the favor of taking it off my hands.  I know the price tag seems a little high but I consulted my economic adviser (namely my better half) and after doing some research found the only other currently available signed comics by him were all going for over $100, and there was quite a bit of expense involved just getting the signed comic in the first place, so I hope you'll understand.  He drew a little Godzilla head doodle on the side of the page as well, and it is his variant cover with Destroyah featured prominently on the cover.

Thank you for looking! 

UPDATE:  SOLD IT!  Thanks to everyone who looked and thank you most generous buyer!…


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I wrote some Godzilla stories myself
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kahnac Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2015… Just like before, i want to share this with everyone, and make sure they can see it if they want to. Though if you do, would you mind leaving a comment in the chapter for me, please?:) (Smile) 
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Just like before, i want to share this with everyone, and make sure they can see it if they want to. Though if you do, would you mind leaving a comment in the chapter for me,please?:)
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Thanks for the reminder.  Its been a pretty crazy year and I have a bad habit of going "out of sight, out of mind" when so much is going on.  Don't worry about a poke in the ribs now and then.
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You're welcome. You, and a few people i know, it would seem. But thanks for the understanding. I only make links like this so that my friends, and followers, and just people in genral, can see what i've done. I like sharing my work with people, and helping them become aware of it.:)
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